Welcome to Abergower Digital Information

Professional Processing Services

Welcome to Abergower Digital Information

We at Abergower provide business information services that allow our customers in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow to get precise information from paper, books, maps, plans, archive material and electronic files as efficiently as possible.

Our core principle is to allow our clients to release the value of the valuable and significant assets that they have locked away in their paper and electronic archive systems.

We deliver our services in the most professional and customer focused way and we can offer a combination of services that can precisely meet the most demanding requirements.

Typical combinations of services we can offer include:

  • Response Handling
    Receiving inbound documents and electronic files on behalf of our clients.
  • Document Scanning
    Processing the widest range of size and format of documents ranging from A6 to A0. Our new service 3D Printing after Digitisation Services.
  • Book/Archive Scanning
    Processing the most precious material sensitively and offering our customers many different ways to share and offer that information to the people who need it most. The types of books that we can scan include bound books, specialised books, library books, precious books and books that are only suitable to be scanned in a non-destructive manner. 
  • Data Capture
    Guaranteeing, through use of the most comprehensive validation and verification processes, 99.98% accuracy for all data that we capture. 
  • Image Retrieval
    Meeting exact requirements and adding significant value. 
  • Client Data Analysis
    Using collected data to deliver insightful information that is relevant, accurate and up to date. 
  • Image Archive
    Supplying both data and images through a secure web portal to our customers in a format that totally suits their requirements and adds value to that information. 
  • Data Retention
    Designing a specific retention policy to meet our clients' exact requirements. 
  • Consultancy
    Redesigning current information capture processes to drive efficiency and make use of the latest information technology platforms and systems. 
  • Hosting
    Securely storing data images which allow our customers greater flexibility in meeting their regulatory and retention requirements. 
  • Analysis
    Using analysis to produce up to date and relevant information. Our processes of analysis can define key information about our customers' patterns of behaviour, expected outcomes and key profiling information. 
  • Conversion
    Unlocking information stored on old format media such as Microfilm and Fiche. 
  • Consolidation
    Providing a centralised system which will supply all of our customers' requirements from just one location. 

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of our services using the following details:-

Casablanca Office

73, Rue Bd D'Anfa
1 Rue Clos de Provence
8 Eme Etage

Office : +212 (0)522 48 47 49

Direct : +212 (0)636 52 26 17

Email : info@abergower.com

Glasgow Office

Paisley Business Centre,
4 Abercorn Street,

Office : 0141 237 5010

Direct : 0141 249 0252

Email : info@abergower.com

London Sales/Support

24 Middle Street,

Tel : 0203 198 0014

Email : london@abergower.com

Sydney Office

Tower 2, Level 14
101 Grafton Street,
Bondi Junction,
Sydney 2022

Tel : 028 310 5988

Email : rprior@abergower.com