As part of the dramatic success of the company and in conjunction with the move to the new office, Spectrum Service Solutions took the opportunity to move from a paper archive system to a new electronic system that was provided by Abergower Ltd.

From a close evaluation of the document scanning market and rigorous selection criteria, Abergower was selected to perform all services required to get all valuable information from paper to a new digital platform and allow the company to experience the considerable business benefits that were to be gained from the process. The consisted of all financial records, HR records, expense claims timesheets and a wide variety of office correspondence.

Abergower worked closely with Spectrum to organise the packing and transportation of all paper records that were located in the company’s premises and transfer these to Abergower’s secure scanning centre which is located in Paisley. All files were carefully prepared and scanned using the latest high volume Scanoptics scanning systems, the process went through all necessary ISO 9001 quality assured processes and an indexed digital file was produced and provided back to Spectrum.

Spectrum then checked the files and agreed all output met with their entire satisfaction

The project took three months and the entire paper archive was transformed from taking over 80 archive boxes of material down to an external hard disk the size of a A5 piece of paper

Major benefits to Spectrum have been since experienced in the speed and efficiency to find any record within seconds of an enquiry, the efficiency of the accounts function of the company has been considerably enhanced and the new office is devoid of all the paper filing cabinets and storage rooms that once took up so much space.

Sara Spiers, MD commented “We have been totally delighted with our decision to go digital and we have been extremely impressed with the quality of service and professionalism of Abergower in delivering this major operational benefit to our company going forward”